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Retirement Plans BSLI Immediate Annuity Plan
After working hard for decades, you have earned the right to relax peacefully after retirement. But when work stops, so will your income.


  • Instant guaranteed income post retirement.
  • Guaranteed income for the life of the annuitant is based on the annuity rate purchased and shall be applicable and guaranteed through the life of the annuitant. Please visit our website to view applicable annuity rates.
  • Payout Frequency Options:
  • Plan to have monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual pay-outs as per your need for money.
  • Medical Test - None required to get the policy.
  • Tax benefits under Section 80CCC.
Age at entry 30 to 90 years
Frequency of income Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual
Purchase price for Min. Regular Income of Rs 1,000, Rs 3,000, Rs 6,000 or Rs 12,000
monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual mode of annuity payment